by | Mar 28, 2023

Our Returning Man program is our action & response to the #metoo movement. 

Becoming a Returning Man -We stand accountable for our non-actions of the past as by-standers in a dying misogynist male culture.

With mentorship from our Senior Men we learn to cultivate and promote the work in our own lives and in our homes. We advocate for the sfety and sovereignty for all women & children in our work place and in the world. We are part of a family legacy,which is inclusive of women & family ,using non-violent styles of communication. We learn to master healthy conflict and practice zero tolerance for violence. Through our new behaviour  we create space for our family’s change.

Becoming a Returning Man means I have an accountability system of other Returning Men who fiercely believe in our J2HM & MANCRAFT Programs and each other. Our mission is to change the male dominated  culture deliberately into a new culture that focuses on family & community. One man, one family at a time.