A Modern Day Warrior Woman


A Warrior Woman possesses as much
strength, determination, and fortitude as any
man. She is willing to take up arms and fight
for a cause with unrelenting courage and
foreboding perseverance.

What happens when the taking up of arms is
no longer necessary? What if we could apply
the same energy of the fight to healing our
masculine wounds?

Could our victim patriarchal narrative, be
preventing us from truly seeing and honouring the
good men in our lives?

A Warrior Woman stands in her integrity and
understands the mission that calls her to duty.
She is summoned to action by a higher order for the betterment of herself and her family

While others maybe still processing their wounds, a Warrior Woman knows that she has a deeply rooted responsibility within her, to forge a new path for all her ancestors.

A Warrior Women sees and acknowledges
that some Men, not all Men have been the
perpetrators of domestic violence toward
women & children and that these men must be
held accountable.

Wolfgang & his team are more than experienced to handle the rollercoaster emotions of the woman who lives that “everyday life”. If you are struggling with anger, sadness, grief, or anything else that you are tired of carrying, please come to Warrior Women. There is another way to live and this can show you the way.” WGWW Pilot Program participant 2020 RT 

Warrior Women empoweringShe also knows she has been lied to about the true nature of the Conscious Masculine. She understands in order to change the culture, she needs to commit to putting down her weapons, which she has used against the Masculine.

A mission only for those brave women who see that they too must be held accountable for their actions and non-actions toward men and other women, to help restore the balance for our future generations.

Join Us for our 2-Day Residential!


Be supported by a team of Men & Women who are dedicated to healing the wounds that are

preventing us from developing deeper and

more rewarding relationships with each other ..

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