Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay Therapy is a wholistic style of counselling for children and Adults alike. Based on the theory that the subconscious mind holds the answers to unlocking our own life solutions. The client uses miniature objects and symbols in the Sand Tray that represent their inner world. The client will reveal their current struggle and through compassionate guidance and their own self-realization, will discover their healing path out.IMG 1195

Sandplay is a powerful therapeutic method that opens the gateway to promote the psyche’s natural capacity for healing. In a safe contained, facilitated space the client will re-create a representation of the current story and what lies beneath. 
 Similar to drawing cards for guidance, clients, through choosing their own symbols to reveal “the self to the self”. Results are often profound and have the capacity to facilitate permanent shifts and lifelong change.
Adored by children and marveled at by adults this lighthearted approach to Counselling is surpassing many of its talk therapy cousins, delivering clients satisfying results in a shorter amount of time. Empowering the client to grow beyond their limitations toward their brighter future.
Sandplay Therapy is a healing modality for the child in us all.