I am forever grateful to have met, and receive therapy from Wolfgang Wildgrace. The tools and wisdoms we have learnt from Wolfgang has enriched our lives in so many ways, and has been key to helping an issue in our life that seemed impossible to improve. After meeting Wolfgang, it is easy to see that his unique Therapies is not just an occupation to him, but his absolute passion, and no doubt his calling. His desire and commitment to help us was evident in every single visit, and his care is genuine and professional. I trust Wolfgang with the most sensitive information, and also with guiding our family. We are so blessed to have found Wolfgang and I would never hesitate in recommending him, and do so with much excitement, as I’d love others to experience the guidance we did! From the bottom of our hearts, Thankyou Wolfgang. Mrs C, Gladstone.


Angie, 9th March, 2017

As someone who struggled my whole life with “depression” an “unfulfilled empty feeling” no matter what I did. I have found the work with Master Wolfgang Wildgrace to be very “profound” as he helped me to be able to understand, learn and to start healing what was for me undiagnosed “anxiety” which I had battled my whole life. I have experienced phenomenal change in my life through the counselling and have hope knowing I will be able to heal the things in my life that are holding me back rather than trying to stuff them away, smooth them over, fix or hide from them (like I used to). I have changed significantly since starting. My relationships with myself (inner well-being), my mum and dad, my family, friends and people I work with, even my “financial” relationships an area I had struggled with my whole life. Wolfgang’s approach is most definitely holistic and this continues to reflect in all aspects of my life. The work I have done is very special to me and I would highly recommend Wolfgang as someone of great integrity and professionalism a “Man” who “walks the walk” and “talks the talk” someone who lives what he teaches in his daily life, this was reflected through the compassion and absolute professionalism I was shown in every session. I recommend Wolfgang’s services wholeheartedly to individuals or couples wanting to facilitate change, growth and healing in their lives as I am very grateful for the support and guidance I have received


Sunshine Coast, 16th June, 2017

I have been well trained on several psychotherapeutic modalities and have spent 100’s of hours working on personal issues one to one with very experienced therapists and in groups.

In the past 2 years of working with Wolfgang both in personal one on one work and in sessions with my partner, I have found his awareness, perception, incites and skill to be second to none. His multileveled ability and original style has helped me find the deepest of places for healing. I have referred people to Wolfgang and will continue to do so because I know they will always be in good hands. GC 


5th July, 2017

When I was recommended to Wolfgang I was about at rock-bottom. I felt completely joyless, depressed and anxious, confused, angry, scared and was having a lot of suicidal thoughts. On the surface I was ‘coping’ but underneath I was drowning. I didn’t want to be in life anymore.

I’ve seen a lot of different councillors and psychologists – all of which had their place – but none of which have helped me understand and actually change myself like Wolfgang has. I knew Wolfgang was different from our first session. With understanding, love, compassion and integrity – he’s helped me uncover why I felt like I did, why I reacted and behaved like I did – and most importantly – how I could change it. He showed me how I can live without fear, without rage, without doubt, without anxiety – my previous best-friends!

I now enjoy a very different life day-to-day. I have healthy relationships – with myself, my partner, my family & friends and people around me. Sure, I’m not perfect and every day is not ‘bliss’ – but I FEEL different, I AM different – happier, much less anxious, experiencing joy, desire – now I want to be alive! I have tools to cope when things don’t feel so good and I can be back to myself now in minutes not days or weeks. What you learn you keep because you experience it yourself – and it feels so much better than how it usually did.

Apart from being one of the most honest, vulnerable, open, genuine human beings I know – Wolfgang is also by far and away the best partner you could wish for to take you through your healing journey to find your soul, your life and your true self. Wolfgang is crystal-clear with boundaries and with my space and emotional experiences and I’ve always felt safe with him.

If you want to know the truth about how you’re behaving, why you feel like you do and how your behaviour is adversely affecting you, your loved ones and those around you – and change it – then go and see Wolfgang.


A Very Grateful Student of Emotional Fitness, Brisbane.

5th February, 2018


181 Mount Ommaney Drive, Jindalee 4074

181 Mount Ommaney Drive, Jindalee 4074

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