It is a long held belief that men are not naturally feeling beings. Culturally this has been due to an ingrained perception that men are hardwired and incapable of sustained intimacy in all their relationships.

Furthermore that to be emotionally available for yourself and your family you are thought to have to be less of a man.

For far to long men have been written off as somewhat emotionally bankrupt  and unavailable. The statement “This is how Men are” is a perpetual lie we have been told to keep us held hostage in our personal growth and our relationship evolution.  

Two Day Residential

Would you like to be more proficient with vulnerability, intimacy, and conflict?

MANCRAFT is a safe space for men to reshape their emotional landscape.

An opportunity to learn practical tools to show up fully in all your relationships, both in family and in your wider community.

Returning refreshed, rejuvenated, and re-connected.

Save the date

March 11th,12th,13th 2022
Place- Koonjewarre
– 2806 Springbrook Rd Qld 4213
Checkin-3;30PM  Checkout:4;PM

Cost $655


As spaces are limited