It is a long held belief that men are not naturally feeling beings. Culturally this has been due to an ingrained perception that men are hard-wired and incapable of sustained intimacy in all their relationships.

Furthermore that to be a man who is emotionally available for himself and his family, he is judged to be somehow less’ of a man in today’s society. With our MANCRAFT NEXT LEVEL Program we are deliberately & intentionally creating a better class of man. A Warrior Class of Men who are more emotionally articulate, men who are better husbands & Fathers and men who ultimately become better leaders in their communities.   

Two Day Residential

If you  would you like to learn how to perform better & be more proficient with vulnerability, intimacy, and conflict with the feminine in your life.

MANCRAFT NEXT LEVEL -is offering you an opportunity to be held by team of women in a safe container facilitated by Wolfgang Wildgrace-the Founder of Emotional Fitness Personal Training™& Emotional Fitness Training Australia™

MANCRAFT NEXT LEVEL – is A place to put into practice the tools you have been learning to help you show up fully in all your relationships.


Save the date

November  24th, 25th & 26th 2023
Place- Koonjewarre
– 2806 Springbrook Rd Qld 4213
Checkin-Friday 12:00PM  Checkout-4:PM

Cost $735


As spaces are limited