Journey into the Heart™ of the Masculine is a high gradient rite of passage bringing men into deep encounter with their authentic inner selves. It can be challenging work, but the rewards are immense, for participants and for those they love.

Who are we?
The Journey is a five day / four night rite of passage program led by experienced facilitators with more than twenty years experience in developing and delivering programs for men. Our lived experience of connecting with our own authentic selves and our commitment to our own journeys are the foundations that enable us to guide other men on their journey.

What is our goal?
We aim to build better men. Men who know their own worth and who bring their love and strength to their families, friends and communities.

Rites of Passage
This is not work for the faint of heart. This work is for the man who wants to know who he is at the deepest level. Rites of Passage have for milenia been the foundation of a man’s sense of his own worth and his place in the world. The Journey to the Heart of the Masculine™ offers men the opportunity to reconnect with their inner knowing – knowing their innate worth and the joy of expressing their authentic selves.

Next Journey 13th-17th  September 2023

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Men in our culture carry a heavy load of grief and shame beneath our otherwise courageous exteriors. We are brought up to deny and repress it – to conform to an outdated idea of what it means to be a man. 

Wolfgang Wildgrace