Emotional Fitness Personal Training™ worldwide is emotional fitness personal training from the comfort of your lounge room. 


Supporting you to be the very best you under any circumstances. To assist you in all of your relationships to move through life, amidst the challenges and rocky terrain. EFPTtm clients are not required to be emotionless beings with their baggage stuffed conveniently out of sight. EFPT™ Clients are encouraged to shine the light on all that you consider unlovable and unlikeable about yourself.

In fact, EFPT™  Clients, learn the skills to be more deliberate and focused in this world but not be affected in the same way, they become comfortable in their own skin accepting all their strengths and weaknesses.

EFPT™ teaches clients the basic foundational tools so that when setbacks and challenges happen around you, you can adjust and take care of yourself first and then your loved ones. A win-win for all.

EFPT™ is an initial 2hr session first followed by 1.5-hour sessions thereafter through zoom Zoom conferencing. You can be anywhere in the world and still gain access to this service. For those wanting greater emotional resilience then  Emotional Fitness Personal Training™ is for you.

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181 Mount Ommaney Drive, Jindalee 4074

181 Mount Ommaney Drive, Jindalee 4074

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