Emotional Fitness Personal Training™ for Women.

Happy Women 

Emotional Fitness Personal Training tm was born out of a shared curiosity with our original childhood blueprint.  I had to start over with two small children and rebuild my life from an empty shell. Sure I had gleaned and developed many skills along my path, yet somehow I felt like I was emotionally bankrupt. On my quest for clarity and understanding of life after divorce and loss of loved ones, I used my counselling skills, belief busting experience and sheer determination to completely change the course of my life. My Catalyst for my accelerated growth was my beloved husband Wolfgang. He brought to our brand new relationship these amazing tools, I’d never worked with before. We tested and tried them in our own lives and then shared them with our family, the results were astounding. I had never experienced such profound and lasting changes. I became excited with the prospect, that I could offer Emotional Fitness Personal Training to women that were like me.

In my experience I have learned that women are incredibly resilient, we can achieve unimaginable tasks given the opportunity. Too often we do not make ourselves a priority in our lives. We push ourselves beyond our limits and ask for nothing in return. Sometimes we need that external person who’s been there before us, to tell us it’s going to get better. They can give us the maps and point to the exits. By having the support and guidance along your path you can achieve so much more. After all, we are never really alone as long as we can ask for support. 



  • Do you have scars so deep, you can’t imagine your life without pain?
  • Do you struggle with debilitating anxiety unable to move forward in your life?
  • Are you recovering from an abusive relationship and looking for a positive way forward?
  • Are you committed to being the best version of you?
  • Are you able to assume responsibility for change in your life? 

Sometimes what we, believe we are leaving behind magically shows up in a new form. As hard as we try it seems to follow us. We move locations, break-up with our partners, make positive affirmations and declarations that we will not hurt or betray ourselves like that ever again. Yet it seems our new life morphs into the same tired scenario. Your life has changed dramatically yet the issues are the same and the common denominator is you.

Emotional Fitness Personal Training for Women is a practical step-by-step training to help you understand your unique blueprint, restore your self-worth and positively influence lasting change in all your personal relationships. Emotional Fitness Personal Training for Women is largely experiential meaning that there are exercises you must practice and apply in your life. Think of your emotional body as a muscle, in order to recondition your emotional muscles you must stretch and train. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to create the life you have always dreamed of?