Emotional Fitness Personal Training for Families


Do you feel like you are struggling to communicate with your loved ones through these troubling times? Is staying connected to your teens becoming more and more challenging since the introduction of social media to their lives? Do you feel like you are losing your kids to their peers ?

Would you like to make some wholesale changes in your family and need some practical tools to assist you ? 

Emotional Fitness Personal Training tm specialises in working with families to restore connection and balance into your unique family system. We believe that in the heart of every family there needs to be some core principals for families to function in a healthy way. We provide a safe framework to develop some common ground. So families can come back to a loving and respectful space. We offer EFPT Group Work for families & Couples and Youth Appointments, servicing Brisbane & Gold Coast, tailor made to suit your unique family unit. Please call us to discuss your needs on 0403718456




My decision to venture into the realm of EFPT revealed an intimate journey of self
discovery and profound inner growth. With each session I became acutely aware of
behaviours and past traumas that had played out over the course of my life resulting
in undesirable and unintended outcomes.
Issues like the anger I harboured, the hurts and abandonment I had endured as a
little girl and the way I was parentified and given responsibility well beyond my
I operated without hesitation or consideration in the masculine, discovering that I
needed to lay this down to restore order and honour to my marriage.
I was the one who “got the job done”, appeared to “always have it together” and
“cruised through life effortlessly” on a unique unicorn sprinkling fairy floss and star
dust. Well the truth be known I am actually exploring the depth of anxiety of which I
operate from. Poop, with a capital “P”!
Learning about and choosing to take accountability for off line behaviours that hurt
those closest to me was tough as I prided myself on being a loving wife and great
EFPT is brutally honest but refreshingly freeing. It will give you the tools necessary
for better connection and communication within your family unit, friends and
This body of work is not for the faint hearted. It will take you to the edge of the very
things you fear most and challenge you to let go and grow. The healing and freedom
that follows however is exquisitely life changing.
I know I am changed for this journey of inner growth and I know I will continue to
grow and change as I willingly choose to face the fears that hold me back.

I encourage anyone reading this to book a session with Wildgrace counselling and
venture into your own personal journey of EFPT. It might be a wild ride but I assure
you its one worth taking. 

Sharyn Mc

Fulltime Homeschool Mum & Wife

If there was an opportunity to bring your family closer together would you take it?

No one wants to be the parents who wished they had of listened to their kids more and recognised their cries for help before the crisis happened. You are the lighthouse in the darkness when your kids need you. Let us assist you to restore the loving connection in your family, so you can be the parents you always wanted to be for your children. It’s not too late.  

Before we started our Emotional Fitness Personal Training journey back in 2018 there was no
harmony in our home but a lot of arguing, raising of voices and constant battles! I was unhappy in
my marriage, I felt unheard and disrespected from every member of the family. Even after years of
various therapists/counselling, which may have helped at the time, there were still so many levels of
disconnectedness within the family and behaviours would just creep back in. I didn’t know what to
do! I was walking on eggshells everywhere I turned just to keep the peace but felt like I was creating
monsters. My 4 year old was throwing tantrums, my 6 year old self isolated to cope, my 12 year olds
attitude was causing so much disharmony in the home and my 15 year old suffered debilitating
anxiety….. Then we meet Wolfgang. The techniques and tools he has shared with us over the years
have had such a positive and long term effect on our family. The personal growth I have seen in all
the members of my family is exciting, rewarding and humbling . EFPT has bought a harmony into our
home that I never thought possible but always wanted. Seeing the relationships between my
children grow, warms my heart. We still have our ups and downs but we now have the tools to deal
with those scenarios without harming each others hearts. I’m on the journey to rediscovering myself
and finding inner courage and strength that I didn’t know I had.

One of the best parts is I’m totally in love with my husband again.He’s my best friend and an amazing father to our children.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck not knowing what to do about your family struggles I encourage you
to contact EFPT today. It’s not an easy journey but its well worth it. Thank you EFPT from the
bottom of my heart. WP

Grateful Wife & Mum