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For those curious about Emotional Fitness Personal Training™, wanting to learn the language and have their own unique experience, why not take a journey into the unknown with our Emotional Fitness Personal Training tm Workshops.

Find out what your inner nemesis is, in a group of willing participants just like you. Exploring topics such as










This is an opportunity for you to bring your old ineffective coping methods and learn new tools for self-mastery in your life.  Wolfgang & Sonya will support you to uncover the emotional traps that keep you from deeper connections in your personal relationships and open new doorways to understanding your own relationship with your inner child.

Be brave, put on your own cape and prepare for some wilful exploration, fun and laughter is guaranteed.



181 Mount Ommaney Drive, Jindalee 4074

181 Mount Ommaney Drive, Jindalee 4074

Wolfgang Wildgrace 0403718456