Emotional Fitness Personal Training™

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Emotional Fitness Personal Training™ teaches practical skills for better emotional resilience in everyday life situations. These expected results have been reported

  • Freedom from debilitating anxieties
  • Improved communication in all relationships
  • Ability to identify where emotional triggers originate
  • More compassion & empathy for self & others
  • Deeper connections in all your personal relationships
  • Healing & relief from old traumas
  • Increased joy & renewed purpose in life

So what holds you back from the amazing life you dream of? Are you tired of reacting when you want to respond? Do you wish you knew why you behave the way you do? If you had the opportunity to understand yourself better and love yourself more, would you take it? Inside each of us, there is an untapped potential. With one obstacle. Some people become successful in only one area of their lives because they are unable to overcome their inner nemesis(obstacle ). Talk therapies, expensive self-development courses only gets them so far. They accept that this is as good as it gets, they may become exhausted from avoiding this unknown entity, they may seek a Guru and follow a spiritual path for a while until something pulls them back off their center, a family crisis, a tragedy, some life-changing event that triggers their inner wounding. Suddenly their tightly bound spiritual container is overflowing with a messy human experience, all bets are off and they find themselves up to their eyeballs in the same behavior they spent years trying to avoid. Frustration drives them to ask the questions.

What have I missed? Why is this happening to me? Can I really heal everything?efptbox

With Emotional Fitness Personal Training™ Learn how to be your own inspiration. Awaken the one with all the answers. Show up, dare to be vulnerable.

Emotional Fitness Personal Training™ like other forms of personal training requires your commitment to a program, usually a minimum of 6 sessions to start with.

There is homework and regular self-evaluations. Emotional Fitness Personal Training is EQ for your emotional muscles and as is with any personal training you must exercise to gain strength and resilience. It can be hard emotional work at times however what effort you put into your sessions and at home will determine your success. If you are looking for a silver bullet program, this is definitely not for you. 

As a stand-alone program that is truly life-changing on so many levels, Emotional Fitness Personal Training™ is teaching us the tools for tapping into our most underestimated personal resource.

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