Emotional Fitness Personal Training tm for Couples

How many times have you felt separate & alienated from your partner in your most intimate relationships? Do you ever feel like you are never fully seen and appreciated ? Like no matter how many relationship workshops you attend with your partner that you never actually experience lasting results. Do you often look at your love relationships and feel like you will never understand each other to the depth that you crave? 

Emotional Fitness Personal Training for Women is a deep dive into exploring your key primary relationships with the masculine ie. parents, teachers & role models  from your formative years. Understanding yourself and how you relate to your feminine peers is one thing. Deeply examining your own beliefs in relationship toward your masculine wounds, is a journey very few can take with a male.

Trusting the masculine is not something women are hard wired to do.  

Sure there may be some exception, however for the rest of us, we must decide if we are ready to become explorers and seek to understand where this mis-trust of the masculine originates from. In essence EFPT provides a new growth opportunity for those women afraid of staying stuck in this repeating pattern, a ‘hamster wheel’ pattern that threatens any hope of future healthy relationships with the masculine. For mother’s of son’s this opportunity is a game changer. To have the opportunity to change how our son’s relate to women, through  healing our own relationship with the masculine, is a gift worth giving to our grandchildren. 

Unless we can fully address our primary wounds, both feminine and masculine, we are unconscious to the hurt we cause ourselves and our loved ones with unhealthy relating through conflict. There is no steadfast bi-passing mechanism to prevent the subconscious from being triggered. Our subconscious patterns will resurface and play out in an attempt to be seen, acknowledged and felt. Without the wisdom and substantial skillset to recognise these watershed moments, life can take a turn for the worst and the healing event may escalate into a re-wounding event . With the help of EFPT tools, this opportunity can be met with a compassionate & curious heart and an on-line enquiring mind. 



“After 22 years of marriage, the pain became too much to continue and we separated.The pain we caused each other was a way of life. We had somehow found ourselves in a toxic pattern and did not how to get out or even move in any direction. We tried counselling for many years and even one counsellor  completed our session by saying “I can’t help you”

I had a talk to a friend about EFPT and saw the kind of healing I knew we needed in our marriage. With not much hope , we started our journey to healing ourselves and our marriage with Wildgrace Counselling using EFPT. It was the hope I was looking for.

As we moved forward and through our painful emotions that owned us, the EFPT process brought us to peace, understanding and being a comforter to our emotions.

Our marriage is better today than I could ever have hoped for and my husband is literally the man of my dreams. He has grown from a man shut down to everyone and everything, into a man who can love, meet his family and lead them to healing.

I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for the work being done by Wolfgang and Wildgrace Counselling.”