What you see is what you get. 

EFPT is a Step-by-step process that Wolfgang lays out for you & with you and if followed , delivers on what other men on this page profess to have experienced.

As a direct result of working with Wolfgang ,my relationships with my family, friends and colleagues have not only improved but have become the source of my fulfilment and inspiration to keep reinventing the man I want to be.

I think it might be this renewed lust for life that sometimes makes me smile for no apparent reason. I highly recommend Wolfgang and his Emotional Fitness Personal Training Program “


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EFPT for Trades teaches men in the trades industry how to become more emotionally equipped to deal with conflict in the work place and in their home lives.    Tradesmen are highly susceptible to accumulative stress from the pressures of their working environment, this can easily be compounded by the financial responsibilities of raising a family.  Men’s emotional health and wellbeing is often overlooked until it is too late. With male suicide rates at an all time high in Australia there is grave cause for concern.   EFPT for Trades offers a no-frills Aussie blokes approach to successfully navigating personal and professional relationships. Offering a new type of  accountability and emotional resilience.  For some it has been called  the light at the end of the long dark lonely tunnel. For others EFPT for Trades is the road map to freedom for those willing to break the toxic masculine mold in our culture. 


I have been in the building game for 25 years. As a builder & employer nowadays, I see plenty of ego’s, difficult conversations, and conflict.

Wolfgang has helped me understand the way in which I contribute to these aspects of my work and life.

I realised that I was spending a lot of time living in victim mentality in a blaming culture-‘He’s fucked’ , OR ‘ that was her fault’

I have had to understand that it is up to me to shift the nature of these interactions. And Wolfgang has helped me do that.

I can be more honest with myself, and lead with greater integrity,  I can begin to respond to conflict, rather than react.

I can say no when I mean no. I am learning to be softer, and stronger.

The work goes on every day, but now I have greater awareness how to take more responsibility for my life.

And Wolfgang is there , not just to pat me on the back, but to call me out when my current drama is likely being caused by me. That ‘aint easy to hear, but hey, the good stuff isn’t meant to be easy.

I highly recommend Wolfgang as a Mentor for life.

Regards Chris King

Chris King

Master Builder , CEO Chris King Constructions Pty Ltd

I have seen a lot of exceptional tradesmen and builders over my 40+year career in the building industry. I think it’s safe to say though, that there’s a definite lack of training around emotional/psychological fitness in my industry. It’s just not done. I’ve seen many men young and old, simply out-gunned, overwhelmed, or literally unable to find the right tool to fix the perceived tragedy that lies before them. Sick kids, relationships ending, death of a parent, crippling cash flow issues. The list goes on and on and on. And the site goes quiet. Nobody knows what to do. …

Enter WOLFGANG! No stranger to hard work and the mental tasks or responsibilities that go with the blue collar life. And yet, a man who has also done a different apprenticeship, studied his own internal landscape, and that of others. I’ve known Wolfgang for 18 years or so. In that time ,I can recall over a dozen times where I was able to self-regulate better, sleep better, let go better, re-invent better, ask someone to leave the site and get help better, discern better, appreciate my family better, and more recently, give back better.

Wolfgang speaks bloke. It’s not like Counselling.Well, it is, but it isn’t. It’s more like honing your craft. For me these days, dealing with conflict on-site, or needing to be in 2 places at once, icky conversations with my teenage kids, or if folks I love are dying Ect … It’s just like getting the old saw out again, or riding a bike. I got this. And I can actually support others in this.

I’ve got a good accountant. He takes my calls when I ring. I got my trainer at the Gym. I got a good GP. And I got Wolfgang, my Emotional Fitness Personal Trainer, just a phone call away. I highly recommend this man! He is the real deal!

Steve Dyer

Master Builder & Mentor